KRG to begin making public pay for rubbish collection, official says

KRG to begin making public pay for rubbish collection, official says
7 days ago

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SULAIMANI – The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has decided to make the general public pay for rubbish collection, an official said on Thursday (January 12).

Head of Sulaimani Municipality, Yousif Yasin, told NRT that they were informed by the KRG to collect payments from residents of the city for the collection of rubbish in neighborhoods.

“The amount of money has not been set yet by the KRG, but it could be between 2,000 to 5,000 Iraqi dinars ($1.70 and $4.25),” Yasin said. “The money will be either paid through a private company or paid with water bills when the decision goes into effect.”

Yasin said he believed that the decision discriminates between poor and rich neighborhoods.

The KRG used to pay private companies to collect garbage in the Kurdistan Region before it was hit by the current economic crisis.

The decision comes as the KRG continues to struggle to pay the salaries of public servants due to the economic crisis which has faced the Kurdistan Region since 2014 when the Iraqi government cut the region’s budget share, Brent oil price decreased, the KRG began fighting Islamic State and an influx of refugees and displaced people entered the region.

Under an austerity measure plan, the KRG proposed to make salary cuts to all public employees to cope with the deteriorating financial crisis.