Classes have not yet resumed in areas around Makhmour

For over a year now
A view of Makhmour district

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SULAIMANI — More than a year after the recapture of the disputed areas from the Kurdish forces, students still have not resumed their formal studies in some villages around Makhmour.

Classes have started in Makhmour city center and the sub-districts of Kandinawa and Gwer, but teachers remain out of work and students out of the classroom in Qaraj and the villages around Makhmour, located southwest of Erbil.

Director of Planning in Makhmour's Education Directorate, Bakhtyar Palani, told NRT Digital Media that the directorate was the first institute that reopened after the October incidents.

Iraqi forces alongside Hashid al-Shaabi retook the disputed areas, including Makhmour, from the Kurdish forces in mid-October of 2017 in the wake of the Kurdistan independence referendum.

“The education [process] continues, and as you see, the employees are working in the education directorate,” said Palani this week.

He added eleven schools would be constructed in the district.

There are 133 schools and kindergartens in Makhmour: 70 schools are Kurdish, 50 conduct lessons in Arabic, while a further thirteen serve displaced children in the camps. Some facilities have been damaged and need to be reconstructed.

It was not immediately clear why the schools in the villages remained inactive and when the authorities intended to reopen them.

The population of Makhmour is estimated to be around 50,000. Thousands of people have been displaced due to the fight against Islamic State (ISIS) militants. Hundreds of those have yet to return to the district.

(NRT Digital Media)