Tens of billions of dinars of flood damage to power lines: Kurdish authorities

Flood hit Balakayati region in northeast of Erbil, Kurdistan Region, October 26, 2018.

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SULAIMANI — Flooding that caused severe damage in several areas of the Kurdistan Region will cost tens of billions of Iraqi dinars (tens of millions of dollars) to repair, authorities said on Tuesday (October 30).

Directorate-General of Electricity said more than 150 power pylons had collapsed in the flood, which hit areas northeast of Erbil, including the foothills of Mount Qandil, the Soran district, and Balakayati.

“Besides damage worth tens of billions of Iraqi dinars to the power lines, more than 100 million Iraqi dinars will also be needed to repair the networks because those areas are mountainous,” the directorate said in a statement.

Heavy rains caused floods in the Kurdistan Region over the weekend. Dozens of houses were destroyed and several bridges were washed away.

More than fifteen homes in the village of Qirnaqa were ruined and agricultural fields were also damaged near Mount Qandil because of flooding.

Three bridges connecting villages around Qandil and Sangasar were washed away.

In Balakayati, five bridges were damaged and dozens of agricultural fields, houses, shops, and cars were also damaged in the flood.

(NRT Digital Media)