PUK nominated Barham Salih for Iraqi President 'unilaterally': KDP spokesman

KDP will have own candidate

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SULAIMANI – A spokesman for Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), Mahmoud Mohammed, said on Wednesday (September 19) that his party will field its own candidate for the post of Iraqi President, shortly after Barham Salih was picked by Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) as their nominee.

Mohammed said in a written statement that the “unilateral” appointment of Barham Salih by the PUK goes against a mutual understanding that had developed between the two parties in the last few days.

In a series of meetings, the PUK and the KDP had come to an agreement that they should pick a candidate who was considered appropriate by both for the Iraqi presidency, said Mohammed. The agreement emphasized unity and having one agenda in Baghdad.

“Our PUK brothers were expected to schedule a meeting of the political bureaus, but they didn’t until we heard from media that they nominated Dr. Barham Salih unilaterally after his return to PUK,” he added.

Mohammed said KDP has the right to determine the next Iraqi president “which has been held by the PUK so often.”

“We consider the post of Iraqi President as a share of the people of Kurdistan which should not be determined by a single party, which is why the KDP will have its candidate.”

In a double decision, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) has approved the return of Barham Salih to the party and nominated him as their candidate for President of Iraq, the party’s spokesman said on Wednesday (September 19).

PUK spokesman Saadi Ahmed Pira told NRT that Salih would return to the post of deputy secretary-general of the party after a meeting in Sulaimani on Wednesday (September 19).