Kurdish security forces eliminate drug cultivation site near Sulaimani


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SULAIMANI – The Sulaimani security forces announced on Wednesday (September 12) that they had eliminated a drug cultivation site and arrested the owner of the field.

The head of the Asayish’s anti-drug directorate, Jalal Mina Bag, told NRT that they had worked with Asayish members from the Kalawanan security checkpoint to destroy the field near Sulaimani.

In pictures obtained by NRT, the plants seized by the security forces appeared to be cannabis.

Mia Bag said the owner of the field is a resident of Sulaimani.

Kurdish officials warned that drug trafficking threatens to become an epidemic if anti-drug forces fail to curtail its rise in the Region.

Two people were charged by Kurdish security forces with possession of drugs in June.

According to security officials, a portion of the drugs that they seize are imported illegally to the Kurdistan Region from Iran.