Fifty-one Iraqi nationals infected by coronavirus while abroad: ministry

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SULAIMANI — The federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ spokesperson said on Sunday (March 29) that 51 Iraqi nationals had tested positive for coronavirus while traveling abroad.

Additionally, one Iraqi in the United Kingdom and one in Norway have passed away from COVID-19, the disease caused by coronavirus infection, Spokesperson Ahmed Sahaf said in a statement.

Eleven Iraqis have tested positive in Belgium for coronavirus, as have ten in Jordan, six in Italy, six in Canada, five in the US, five in the UK, five in Austria, two in Lebanon, and one in Iran.

The Iraqi ambassadors in those countries have been working to monitor their conditions and to provide aid where possible.

On Saturday, Iraq’s Civil Aviation Authority said that it is working with other countries to bring back Iraqi nationals who are stuck abroad due to travel restrictions imposed in response to the global coronavirus pandemic

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