Eleven people injured by gunfire in Sulaimani: official

Three wounded at Gorran HQ

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SULAIMANI — Eleven people were injured by gunfire in the city of Sulaimani on Saturday night (May 12), health official said on Sunday.

Director of Shar Hospital, Omed Mohammed told NRT that eight people were wounded due to celebratory gunfire in the city.

Three of the wounded were injured at the Change Movement (Gorran) headquarters in Sulaimani, he added.

Supporters of a political party opened fire to celebrate winning in the parliamentary election.

Meanwhile, Change Movement announced an armed force loyal to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) attacked and opened at its main headquarters in Sulaimani.

Gorran claimed that the electronic system has been hacked.

New Generation, Gorran, Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU), Kurdistan Islamic Group (KIU) and Coalition for Democracy and Justice expressed their opposition to the election results demanding a manual recount of the votes.

Iraq held fourth parliamentary election on Saturday.

Around 10 million eligible voters cast their ballots during the elections, IHEC said in a press conference in Baghdad.

Nearly 24 million Iraqis were eligible to cast their votes to elect members of parliament, who will in turn elect the Iraqi President and Prime Minister.