Erdogan says no turning back on decision to construct Ilisu dam on Tigris River


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SULAIMANI – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Sunday (June 3) that his country has informed the Iraqi government about the construction of a dam on the Tigris River ten years ago.

Turkish government insists on building the dam regardless of the reactions from Baghdad, said Erdogan.

“No turning back on the decision to construct the dam,” he added encouraging Iraq to respect the decision.

Erdogan further said that the cutting of water flow to Iraq rivers is in an attempt to fill the reservoir behind the Ilisu dam and that they will release the water after it is full.

The Ilisu dam is located on the Tigris along the border of Mardin and Şırnak Provinces which has recently been constructed by Turkey.

The Iraqi Parliament held an emergency session on Sunday (June 3) regarding the water crisis caused by the construction of the Ilısu Dam in Turkey.

The Iraqi Parliament is demanding answers from Turkish Ambassador to Iraq concerning the water crisis in the country, after Turkey cut water flows of Tigris River by half.

Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, Humam Hamoudi, said in a statement that the Council of Representatives would deliver an immediate letter to the Turkish Parliament demanding it delay filling the reservoir behind the Ilisu dam for three months.

The deputy speaker added the Parliament also called for the formation of a delegation of MPs and relevant ministry officials to visit Turkey and to negotiate an agreement with Turkish officials on the issue.