Protests continue in Iraq on Friday, but with fewer clashes

Taking place in Baghdad, southern provinces
Banners cover an abandoned high-rise building in Baghdad on Nov. 6. (Photo Credit: Sabah Arar/AFP )

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SULAIMANI – Protests continued in Baghdad and several others cities in central and southern Iraq on Friday morning (November 8), but clashes between the protesters and security forces appeared to have subsided compared with previous days.

NRT Digital Media reporter in Baghdad Omed Muhammad said that protests took place in Baghdad, Karbala Najaf, Nasiriya, Hillah, Samawah, and Basra.

He added that no clashes had occurred so far between the protesters and security forces and that protesters were calling on people to join them.

In the Rusafa district of Baghdad on the eastern bank of the Tigris, travel had returned to normal because protesters planned to block the roads there only on weekdays.

“The advances to the Green Zone have stopped and the demonstrations are stable,” Muhammad said.

“Only four bridges that cross to the Green Zone have been shut down by concrete walls and deployment of the security forces.”

On Thursday, six people were killed in Baghdad, during which the security forces used live fire against protesters. More than 250 people have been killed since protests began on October 1.

Despite the relative quiet, there is no sense that the protesters are planning to abandon the demonstrations.

(NRT Digital Media)