Sulaimani Asayish says arrested suspects in KDP Branch Four shooting

Vehicle, weapon seized
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SULAIMANI – The Sulaimani Asayish (security) Directorate announced on Sunday (September 22) that it has arrested two people suspected of involvement in a shooting incident at the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) Branch Four office.

“The [perpetrator] and an accomplice who shot at KDP’s Branch Four a few nights ago were arrested,” the directorate said in a statement.

The security forces said that the suspects reportedly confessed to their involvement and said that they acted independently.

“At 11:45 p.m. on Thursday, several bullets were fired at the Kurdistan Democratic Party Branch Four building on Salim street,” the release said.

“Under the supervision of the head of the Kurdistan Security Apparatus and with directives from the Sulaimani Asayish Directorate, our forces were tasked with investigating into the incident.”

“In addition to apprehending the shooter and his accomplice, we also seized a Toyota Land Cruiser sport utility vehicle that was used in the incident. Also, the weapon used in the shooting were seized, including an HK rifle.”

Tensions between the parties have been elevated ever since Thursday, when PUK senior leader Mahmoud Sangawi was prevented by security forces affiliated with the KDP from traveling to Erbil for a meeting.

That night the KDP office in Sulaimani was attacked.

On Friday evening, the offices of the PUK’s Committee 4 and Committee 5 were shot at by unidentified gunmen in apparent retaliation.

(NRT Digital Media)