Farhad Pirbal released on bail after two months in custody on arson charges

Kurdish writer and professor Farhad Pirbal speaks to NRT in 2017 (NRT Digital Media)

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SULAIMANI — Controversial Kurdish writer and professor Farhad Pirbal was released on bail on Wednesday (September 18) after spending more than two months in jail on arson charges.

Social activist Rasul Husseiny told NRT Digital Media that Pirbal was released on bail of 10 million Iraqi dinars ($8,400).

He will reportedly stay at his sister’s house in Erbil and speak to the media in the coming days.

According to the Kurdistan Parliament's twitter account, unnamed “intellectuals” recently met with the legislature's culture committee to advocate for his release.

Pirbal was arrested in Erbil on July 14 after he apparently set fire to the Wafaiy House Library and released video of it on Facebook.

Director of the library Soran Aziz said that the trial will be on October 1 and that he was not opposed to Pirbal’s release on bail.

Pirbal is well known in the Kurdistan Region, both for his commentary on politics and social issues and his eccentric behavior during media appearances.

(NRT Digital Media)