Ezidi women being trafficked across Middle East: advocacy group

Yazidi women mark the anniversary of what a UN-appointed commission of independent war crimes investigators calls an ISIS-led genocide against the Yazidi population. (Sertac Kayar/Reuters)

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SULAIMANI — The leader of a coordinating organization for Ezidi advocacy groups has warned that Ezidi women are being trafficked across the broader Middle East region after being sold by Islamic State militants (ISIS) for large sums of money.

President of Ezidi House Salih Hussain said on Thursday (August 8) that some known names in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and United Arab Emirates (UAE) have been accused of buying Ezidi women from ISIS.

Ezidi House acts as an umbrella organization for Ezidi advocacy groups in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, popularly known as Rojava.

Thousands of Ezidi women and girls were abducted and sold into sex slavery by the militants in August 2014 when the group attacked the Sinjar district. More than 3,000 Ezidis remain missing according to official statistics.

The allegations were initially made by Iraqi-Ezidi activist Ali El Khansory.

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