Broken water pumps threaten Sulaimani with drinking water shortages

At least 30 water pumps out of 56 have broken down
Water pumps supply drinking water to residents in Sulaimani

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SULAIMANI — At least 30 water pumps that provide drinking water to the residents of Sulaimani province are broken, which could lead to severe shortages of drinking water despite the winter's record rainfall.

The broken hardware represents the majority of the province's 56 water pumps.

Member of Sulaimani Provincial Council Rekawt Zaki told NRT Digital Media that remaining water pumps that are under stress and will break down as well if they do not receive maintenance.

Zaki said the governors in Sulaimani had been asking the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Council of Ministers to provide a budget for the repairs since 2014.

“The governors have warned the KRG Council of Ministers through official statements that the [province's] infrastructure faces this issue every summer,” he added.

“A budget should be provided to tackle the issue. Unfortunately, Sulaimani's water [system] is facing risks and threats.”

Summer water shortages have been an ongoing issue for years, with the main Dukan-Sulaimani waterlines unable to supply sufficient water to parts of the province because of a lack of electricity and broken pumps.

Residents in Sulaimani now receive drinking water every third day as a result.

Former governor of Sulaimani Aso Faraydoon submitted nineteen official requests to the KRG Council of Ministers asking for a dedicated budget to resolve the issue, but never received a response from the cabinet.

Faraydoon later asked the United Nations for aid, which resulted in an August 2016 agreement with the United Nations Development Programme to rehabilitate the main water network in the province.

(NRT Digital Media)