Forest police in Halabja seize over 350 kg of caught fish amid prohibition

Having roes in their ovaries
The seven caught fish of more than 350 kilograms in total

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SULAIMANI — Forest police in Halabja seized more than 350 kilograms of caught fish in the province amid a temporary ban on fishing in the Kurdistan Region.

NRT Digital Media reporter Wrya Hama Karim said that the forest police also seized dozens of fishing nets and other equipment .

Head of the forest and environment police station in Sirwan, Adil Habib said that seven fish were seized in the Hana Zhalla area on the Sirwan lake after the police conducted a search operation at 2 a.m. on Thursday (May 23).

The fish were between 350 and 400 kilograms in total and they had roes is their ovaries, he added.

“The fish will be placed up for auction after a decision from judge,” he said.

Kurdish authorities announced in March that fishing would be banned throughout the Kurdistan Region for the next three months.

The decision was in attempt to “protect the national wealth” during the season when fish breed and spawn, according to the directorate.

(NRT Digital Media)