US, Iran ramping up pressure on Kurdistan Region as tensions escalate: KRG Rep to Iran

Trying to stay above the fray
Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Representatives to Iran Nazim Dabagh (Fil3)

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SULAIMANI – Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Representative to Iran Nazim Dabagh said that both the US and Iran have stepped up political pressure on the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, but that the Region is trying to stay above the fray.

Dabagh has told Iranian news agency Mehr that the US pressuring the Kurdistan Region to adhere to its reimposed sanctions on Iran and to scale down its ties with Iran.

He noted, however, that the Region has a strategic relationship with Iran and that extensive trade ties with its neighbor make it impossible to fully implement the sanctions regime.

“The Kurdistan Region does not want to be an assistant in opposing any country, especially Iran,” Dabagh said.

“The Region and Iran have historic and mutual relations and both were in the same stronghold against the Ba'athist regime. Iran has not turned  a blind eye to the Kurds in their plights. Thus, the people of Iraq and Kurdistan Region see themselves as indebted to Iran and cannot back down [from that commitment],” the KRG official said.

Dabagh also indicated that the KRG wants to be neutral with regard to the ongoing tensions, adding that it would follow the federal government's lead about how to proceed.

“The Iraqi president, the Iraqi prime minister, and officials in the Kurdistan Region have told US that they will not be party to the tension and will not allow the soil of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region to be used against any neighboring country,” he added.

His comments come in light of escalating tensions between Iran and the United State, with bellicose rhetoric coming out of both Washington and Tehran in recent days.

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