Seven policemen killed in two separate ISIS attacks in Kirkuk


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SULAIMANI — Seven members of the Iraqi security forces were killed in two separate attacks by Islamic State (ISIS) militants in Kirkuk over the last 24-hours.

Brigade 61 of the Council of Ministers said in a statement on Thursday (May 16) that clashes erupted between ISIS militants and federal police in Rashad sub-district in southwestern Kirkuk at dawn on Thursday.

Two federal policemen were killed in the fighting, according to the statement.

The Iraqi Army’s media cell said ISIS militants had separately attacked a federal police convoy in the Silan area of Riadh sub-district in southwestern Kirkuk on Wednesday evening.

Five federal policemen, including four officers, were killed, it said.

ISIS militants continue to be active in and around Kirkuk, despite its defeat and loss of the territory, and have launched a number of attacks in the last few months.

(NRT Digital Media)