Council of Representatives hosts parliamentary leaders from six neighboring states

Part of long-term foreign policy strategy
Image Credit: Media Office, Council of Representatives

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SULAIMANI — The Council of Representatives on Saturday (April 20) will host a summit for parliamentary leaders from six neighboring countries under the banner of “Stability and Development.”

The heads of the legislatures of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Turkey, Syria, and Jordan will meet with Speaker of the Council of Representatives Mohammed al-Halbusi and other senior Iraqi leaders, the parliament’s foreign relations committee said in a statement.

Halbusi tweeted that: “Iraq, proud and victorious over terrorism, is honored by the presence of its neighbors in Baghdad. Arabism, Islam, and peace.”

The committee’s statement stressed that the Baghdad Summit was part of the Iraqi government’s long-term strategy to establish peaceful and prosperous relations with its neighbors.

The government’s efforts are designed “to further open up and cooperate with neighboring countries to enhance security and stability in the region on the one hand and advance development and prosperity for the people on the other,” it said.

The statement also said that the meeting showed that Iraq was once again “a key player in the security and stability of the region.”

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