KDP has not convinced Gorran to form tripartite cabinet: PUK

Amid disagreements over vice presidency

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SULAIMANI — The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) has so far failed to convince the Change Movement (Gorran) to form a government that includes the Kurdistan Region's three largest parties, a  Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) spokesperson has said.

PUK Spokesperson Latif Sheikh Omer said in an interview with Voice of America that a signing ceremony for the agreement between the PUK and the KDP that was announced on April 3 has been delayed because the KDP has not yet persuaded Gorran about the proposed arrangements.

“There is no timetable for signing the agreement,” Sheikh Omer said during the interview, which was published on Wednesday (April 17).

The agreement was initially scheduled to be signed on April 8, but was indefinitely delayed.

“We are waiting for the KDP to complete their talks with Gorran and that is expected to be soon according to their remarks.”

In an apparent hardening of the party's stance, he added that the PUK opposed a second vice president position held by Gorran.

Earlier this month, PUK officials began objecting to the vice presidency being held by a Gorran official because it felt that the latter party should not have responsibility over security policy and Peshmerga reform.

Gorran had been promised the post by the KDP in the political agreement between the two in February.

The idea was floated that a second vice presidency be created. On Monday, Voice of America published an interview with PUK Politburo member Saadi Ahmed Pira, who hinted that the matter had been settled and that the PUK would hold the first vice president post.

Sheikh Omer's comments appear to suggest the party is no longer interested in creating a second position, but will instead demand the single position for itself.

For its part, Gorran has said that the KDP and the PUK should not have sole responsibility for security affairs, suggesting that it is willing to give up the vice presidency in exchange for the Peshmerga Affairs Ministry.

KDP Politburo Secretary-General Fazil Mirani said on Monday that the issue of the Kurdistan Region's presidency would be settled in the near future and that the KDP would reach an agreement with the other political parties. 

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