Federal government has budget to compensate flood victims: MP

Including in Kurdistan Region
Flooding in the Kurdistan Region (NRT Digital Media)

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SULAIMANI – New Generation Movement lawmaker in the Council of Representatives Sarkawt Shamsadin said Thursday (April 11) that the federal government has decided to compensate flood victims.

Shamsadin told NRT Digital Media that the federal government has decided to reimburse farmers and property owners who suffered damage during recent flooding with funds drawn from the federal government's emergency budget.

He added that the decision applied to victims in both the Kurdistan Region and central and southern Iraq, according to a decision from Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi.

“The Kurdistan Regional Government should invite the Iraqi evaluation and compensation committees [to tour and] assess the damage of the flooding in the Region,” he said.

The New Generation Movement MP also said that the Council of Representatives had been briefed by the federal ministers of agriculture and water resources and the Representative of the Council of Ministers’ Secretariat General about recovery efforts.

Additionally, he said that representatives of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) had presented reports on the situation at the Dukan and Darbandikhan dams and the broader damage to infrastructure in the Region.

He said that the minister of water resources and the representative from the Council of Ministers assured MPs that there would be sufficient funding to repair damage to the Region's dams and to compensate property owners and farmers.

However, Shamsadin was critical of the KRG's response to calls for victims to be compensated. 

“The Kurdistan Regional Government has not cared about the farmers or engaged in any cooperation with the Iraqi agriculture and water resources ministers so that the Region’s farmers can benefit from the decision to give compensation,” he said.

Spokesman of the KRG Safin Dizayee told NRT Digital Media on April 1 that the government would not be able to compensate flood victims and suggested that local authorities should be responsible for handling any claims.

Heavy rains have hit the Kurdistan Region and Iraq over the past several weeks, causing localized flooding that has damaged homes, property, and farms and blocked roads between the cities and towns.

(NRT Digital Media)