Authorities urge residents on Little Zab in Taq Taq to evacuate due to flooding


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SULAIMANI — Authorities urged people living and working along the banks of the Little Zab river in Taq Taq to evacuate their homes and businesses because of the high likelihood of flooding.

Head of Taq Taq municipality Farhad Mawlud said on Monday (March 25) that residents of the Rizgari and Ashti neighborhoods, farmers, owners of fish pools, and the owners of tourist areas should evacuate because of rising of water levels in the Little Zab.

“Water levels have risen by one meter and it is predicted that the water will continue to rise in the coming hours,” Mawlud added.

He called on the people in the community southeast of Erbil to take the situation seriously.

A wave of heavy rain has hit the Kurdistan Region and has caused flooding in several areas.

Part of Daradoyn bridge on the main road between Sulaimani and Kalar collapsed for the second time on Monday.

Basti Shalgha bridge in Koya, east of Erbil, has also been washed away by floods.

(NRT Digital Media)