Peshmerga uniform to be implemented soon- ministry


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SULAIMANI — The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Ministry of Peshmerga said on Wednesday (May 18) that a uniform for the Peshmerga forces will be implemented soon.

The statement was issued following a meeting on the same day between the Reform Directorate within the Ministry and the Military Advisor Group of the US-led coalition forces.

The statement said that ongoing reform projects were discussed, particularly in areas of medicine, logistics, and uniforms.

It added that a decision was made to urgently implement the uniform project of the Peshmerga forces, which had been suspended for a while for financial reasons.

The Peshmerga forces are notoriously divided based on partisan affiliation, with large sections controlled by the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) or the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP). For the most part, their uniforms differ based on party affiliations.

More than a dozen brigades are under the control of the Peshmerga ministry, which is ostensibly non-partisan.

Foreign military advisors have long asked the KRG for all the Peshmerga forces to be transferred to the ministry. Something that has not happened yet.

On September 13, Military Advisor to the Consulate of the Netherlands in Erbil, Colonel Jan ten Hove, said that it is in the Kurdistan Region’s interest that the Peshmerga become a modern force unaffected by party agendas by 2025.

The Deputy Chief-of-Staff at the Ministry of Peshmerga, Hoshmand Haidar, said on January 26 that the Second Pshtiwani Force of Peshmerga Forces 70 Command has been transferred to the ministry.

(NRT Digital Media)