Member says New Generation and people of Kurdistan can change Region


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SULAIMANI — The deputy head of the New Generation Movement (NGM) caucus in the Kurdistan Parliament, Kawa Abdulqadir, said on Monday (January 24) the movement and the people of the Kurdistan Region form a majority who can change the Region.

Abdulqadir said during NRT’s Panorama program the Region’s revenue and income are being plundered by the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK).

"The NGM and its president are in contact with the international community to create more pressure to radically change the Region and make people’s lives better,” Abdulqadir said.

He added the NGM had a strategy to help the people of the Region.

The NGM has four seats in the Kurdistan Parliament and in the Iraqi Parliamentary election, it was able to win nine seats.

There was a decision to hold elections to the Kurdistan Parliament in the middle or end of this year and all Kurdish parties have agreed for the election to be held on time.

(NRT Digital Media)