KRG Higher Education Ministry now requires employees get vaccinated


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SULAIMANI — The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Ministry of Higher Education announced on Monday (January 24) employees must get vaccinated for the coronavirus by February 1.

The ministry said in a statement employees must have proof of vaccine when the ministry comes under review, following a decision from the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and a committee formed to confront the coronavirus threat.

The statement noted the decision was made to protect the safety of the public and employees at the ministry’s institutions.

Ministry employees must send a copy of their vaccination certificates to the Health and Safety Management Agency at the ministry’s office by Thursday, according to the statement.

Employees and non-employees who visit the ministry must be vaccinated to enter the building or carry a coronavirus test carried out within 48 hours. The ministry’s health and safety management team will verify the documents.

(NRT Digital Media)