(Video) Truck drivers stranded for over 12 hours send video hoping for rescue


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SULAIMANI — A group of oil tanker drivers have been stuck for over 12 hours on a road in Sulaimani province’s Chamchamal district on Thursday (January 20) with no one coming to their rescue.

The drivers, who are stranded in Akhjalar sub-district in Chamchamal, sent NRT a video of their predicament after they reached out via telephone to a number of people, all of whom were unable to rescue them.

They say they have been without food since 8am Thursday morning and are facing severe weather conditions with only their trucks for shelter.

The drivers received word from the authorities that because they are stuck on a side-route, it will take time to reach them. The stranded men said a vehicle came to clear the road but only managed to unblock one-way.

The men are asking for help from the authorities through NRT.

Heavy snowfall and severe weather conditions have affected traffic throughout the Kurdistan Region. Traffic administration is asking residents to stay home for their safety.

(NRT Digital Media)