Camps in Kurdistan Region receive fuel supplies: ministry

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SULAIMANI — Iraq’s Ministry of Migration and Displacement said on Thursday (January 20) supplies including fuel and food are being distributed to residents of camps in the Kurdistan Region, state media reported.

Ministry Spokesman Ali Abbas said kerosene to fuel generators is being distributed in camps in Erbil and that authorities in Duhok now have supplies of oil they will hand out shortly to camp residents.

The migration’s branch in Duhok said last month there are 26,000 displaced people in 16 camps in the governorate, the majority from Nineveh.

Families at camps in Sulaimani will receive 240,000 IQD each in order to purchase fuel, according to a statement from the ministry reported by Iraqi News Agency (INA), which noted local authorities are responsible for the distribution.

Abbas also stated 18,000 blankets are being distributed to displaced families in Sulaimani.

The spokesman said in December the ministry was trying in every manner to return Iraq’s Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) to their homes.

Camps under the authority of the Migration and Displacement Ministry have been closed and their residents returned to their home areas, with the exception of the Kurdistan Region, according to INA.

The majority of IDPs in the Kurdistan Region live with host communities and only 30 percent live in the Region’s camps.

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