Poland refuses Kurdistan Parliament delegation’s visit over migrant issues: MP

Migrants at the Belarusian-Polish border in the Grodno region.Leonid Shcheglov / BELTA / AFP

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SULAIMANI — The head of the Kurdistan Parliament’s Relations and Kurdish Diaspora Committee, Rebwar Babkayi, said on Thursday (December 2) the Polish government refused the visit of a delegation of lawmakers to the country to follow up on the situation of Kurdish migrants on the Poland-Belarus border.

A delegation from the Kurdistan Parliament has been expected to visit Poland over the recent migration via Belarus since the beginning of November.

Babkayi told Voice of America (VOA) the delegation is ready and talks have been held with the Poland Consulate in Erbil.

He said the consulate does not openly say the government does not approve the visit but it gives various excuses.

He added the delegation called for meetings with the Polish interior and foreign relations ministers and international organizations. They plan to visit migrants stranded on the borders and camps provided for them.

Babkayi said since the Polish government has declared a state of emergency in some places, international organizations, political committees and media outlets have not been allowed to visit the sites.

"Now I can say that migration has already begun from Belarus to the Kurdistan Region,” he said.

Thousands of people from Iraq and the Kurdistan Region are currently waiting on Belarus’ border with Poland, caught between Belarusian authorities trying to use them against European countries that have been critical of Minsk’s human rights records and European Union countries trying to prevent irregular migration.

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