Iraqi policemen killed, wounded in ISIS attack west of Khaanqin


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SULAIMANI — Islamic State (ISIS) militants attacked a federal police base in the village of Sherk, west of Khanaqin, on Sunday evening (January 20).

One member of the police was killed and another was wounded in the attack, according to the residents of the village.

The militants reportedly fled to a forested area near Sirwan after the attack.

The residents of the village said that they would defend their village in coordination with the Iraqi police and that they had engaged the militants during the clash.

ISIS remnants have launched a number of attacks on villages in Khanaqin district and nearby Kirkuk province in the last few months.

Baghdad declared military victory over ISIS in December 2017, after having expelled the militants from all urban centers they had held in northern and western Iraq.

But ISIS has not completely disappeared and sleeper cells have been fighting a guerrilla war against the government forces.

(NRT Digital Media)