Hopelessness reason of migration of Kurds, says New Generation faction

Expressed condolences to families of Kurds who drowned in Aegean Sea
Refugees and migrants call for help as their boat begins to sink off the Greek island of Lesbos island while crossing the Aegean sea from Turkey on Oct. 30, 2015. AFP (Mashable)

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SULAIMANI — The journeys undertaken by migrants from the Kurdistan Region people is evidence of the hopelessness created by the current Kurdish government, said New Generation's delegation to the Iraqi parliament on Friday (October 12).

The Kurdistan Region’s Migration Federation said on Thursday that at least fifteen Kurds were among the 34 migrants who drowned off the western coast of Turkey on Wednesday.

In a statement, the federation confirmed that all fifteen were residents of Duhok and Zakho.

The New Generation delegation expressed its sorrow to the families of those died.

“We convey our condolences because of the tragic incident in the Aegean Sea, where a boat carrying 34 people from the Kurdistan Region and Iraq sank. More than 15 of them including children were residents of Duhok,” the Movement said in a statement.  

The migration of those people “is a dangerous sign and [shows] the hopelessness of people from the failed governance of the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, which could not provide a noble life after 27 years,” the statement read.

The Movement’s MPs called on the Iraqi Foreign Ministry to work with the Turkish authorities to find the bodies of those who are still missing and to repatriate them to Iraq.

A boat sank off the coast of Turkey’s Izmir province after water began seeping in shortly after its departure, the Turkish coast guard said in a statement on Wednesday.

There were initially around 35 migrants in the boat, the coast guard said.

Only one woman, who is a resident of Zakho, was rescued, the Kurdish migration federation said.

Turkey became one of the main launch points for more than a million migrants taking the sea route to EU countries in 2015, many fleeing conflict and poverty in the Middle East and Africa.

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