PUK approves return of Barham Salih, nominates him for Iraqi presidency

Becomes deputy secretary-general

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SULAIMANI — In a double decision, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) has approved the return of Barham Salih to the party and nominated him as their candidate for President of Iraq, the party’s spokesman said on Wednesday (September 19).

PUK spokesman Saadi Ahmed Pira told NRT that Salih would return to the post of deputy secretary-general of the party after a meeting in Sulaimani on Wednesday (September 19).

The meeting of the PUK leadership was chaired by first deputy secretary-general of the party Kosrat Rasul.

Additionally, PUK-affiliated media reported that Salih was also nominated as the party's candidate for the post of Iraqi President.

Salih broke with the PUK last year to form his own party, the Coalition for Democracy and Justice.

US Special Presidential Envoy for the Coalition forces to defeat Islamic State, Bret McGurk held talks with senior PUK officials separately on Tuesday to discuss the post of the Iraqi president.

Following the meeting, member of the PUK Politburo Hero Ibrahim Ahmed said she had no veto on any PUK candidate for the post.

She stressed the PUK Leadership would make the final decision on the issue.


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