People in Erbil's Khabat protest shortage of electricity

They claim sale of electricity to Mosul

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SULAIMANI – A number of Khabat residents held a protest on Saturday (July 7) in the province of Erbil against shortage of power and export of electricity to Mosul.

NRT reporter in Erbil, Hersh Qadir said the protesters blocked the main road of Gaurkosk-Khabat preventing the tucks and tankers to pass through.

The Khabat residents claimed that the electricity generated from their area is sold to Mosul, a former bastion for the Islamic State (ISIS) militant group.

Several power plants and oil fields reportedly operate in the Kurdistan Region to meet the demand for electricity in other parts of Iraq.

This comes while intermittent electricity is one of the public’s top complaints in the Kurdistan Region and the provinces of Mosul and Salahadin are provided with more electricity.

Ministry of Electricity said on Friday (July 6) that power exports from Iran to Iraq were halted due to Iraq’s soaring debt owed for electricity.



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