Residents of Erbil neighborhood protest scarcity of power, water (Video)

Protestors blocked roads 92th Zanko neighborhood in Erbil due to unavailability of power and water.

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SULAIMANI – Residents of 92th Zanko neighborhood in Erbil held a protest on Wednesday night (July 4) against the scarcity of water and electricity in the area.

Protesters blocked the main road in the neighborhood and set fires on the road as they demanded availability of water and power in scorching heat.

The Kurdistan Region faces frequent power shortages as summer temperatures normally reach into the mid-40s Celsius.

The electricity grid in Iraq has been worn down by years of war and under-investment.

Electricity supplies collapsed in the chaos after the US invasion in 2003 when power plants were looted or then not properly maintained in the years afterward.

Islamic State (ISIS) militants have targeted transmission towers and other infrastructure in subsequent years, while the Baghdad government has been unable to keep up with demand.