Supporters of six parties protest against election results in Erbil

Rejecting results of Iraqi parliamentary election

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SULAIMANI — Supporters of six Kurdish political parties in the Kurdistan Region on Tuesday (May 15) protested in Erbil against preliminary results of the Iraqi parliamentary election.

Dozens of people gathered outside the United Nations Headquarters in the capital of the Kurdistan Region to protest against the election results.

“We will do our best to return our stolen votes,” protesters said.

The protest came after Change Movement (Gorran), Kurdistan Islamic Group (KIG), Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU), Coalition for Democracy and Justice, Kurdistan Islamic Movement and Kurdistan Communist Party rejected the preliminary results of the parliamentary election held on Saturday.

Factions of Gorran, KIU and KIG as well as Kurdistan Islamic Movement in the Kurdistan Parliament also rejected the results in a press conference in Erbil.

New Generation also refused the results, calling on the other parties to have a joint stance.

A total of 175,173 people voted in favor of New Generation across Iraq and Kurdistan Region, according to primary results released by the Iraqi High Electoral Commission for the parliamentary election in the last two days.

Around 10 million eligible voters have cast their ballots during the Iraqi parliamentary elections, the commission said during a press conference.

Nearly 24 million Iraqis were eligible to cast their votes to elect members of parliament, who will in turn elect the Iraqi President and Prime Minister.