Head electoral officer claims nearly 1 million fraudulent or invalid ballots cast

Riad Badran (File)

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BAGHDAD — Chief electoral officer Riad Badran has revealed the existence of incidents of electoral fraud, including 300,000 extra votes from ballot stuffing and about 500,000 invalid ballots, stressing that the issue of manually counting is not without sensitivity and gravity.

Badran said in a TV interview on Saturday (June 9) that there were 170,000 incidents of ballot stuffing in Baghdad alone.

On Wednesday (June 6), the Iraqi Council of Representatives voted to amend the Law on Elections. The amendments included re-counting and manually counting the results of the elections, suspending the work of the Board of Commissioners and replacing them with nine judges, canceling the votes of the Peshmerga in the Kurdistan Region, the diaspora, and the displaced, and voted to form a fact-finding committee on the elections and any potential violations.

The Supreme Judicial Council announced on Thursday (June 7) its approval and that the amendments would be implemented.

The spokesman of the Supreme Judicial Council, Abdul Sattar Birqdar, said in a press statement that "in implementation of the Third Amendment Law of the Election Law 2018 issued on 6/6/2018, the President of the Supreme Judicial Council decided to invite members of the Judicial Council to meet on Sunday (June 10) to nominate judges who will be assigned to carry out the work of the Board of Commissioners and to supervise the process of manually re-counting the results of the elections.”