Brotherhood List to start talks with other factions over Kirkuk governorship

An undated photo of one of the meetings of the Kirkuk Provincial Council (File)

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SULAI MANI – The Brotherhood List is expected to meet with the other parties in Kirkuk, including the Kirkuk Arab Council, next week for talks over its nomination of Tayib Jabar for governor.

NRT Digital Media reporter Aso Ahmad said that Brotherhood List officials, which is made up of the Kurdish parties in Kirkuk governorate, are working to try to gain acceptance for Jabar from the other ethnic factions in the province.

“It [the Brotherhood List] is supposed to visit the Turkmen parties who sit on the Kirkuk Provincial Council after visiting the Arab Council,” Ahmad reported.

After the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KPD) selected Jabar as their joint nominee for for the Kirkuk governorship, the other factions voiced concerns about the process and about, in particular the parties representing ethnic Turkmens and Arabs.

The head of Turkmen Bloc on the Kirkuk Provincial Council previously said that the Kirkuk governorship should be someone from the Turkmen community.

(NRT Digital Media)