6,000 ISIS detainees are in custody of Rojava administration: official


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SULAIMANI – Head of the foreign relations office of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria Abdulkarim Omar said on Saturday (April 20) that it has 6,000 Islamic State (ISIS) detainees in its custody, including 1,000 citizens of countries other than Iraq or Syria.

Omar said during a press conference that continuing to detain ISIS fighters and their families has become a huge burden on the administration and indicated that it had asked states to take their nationals back.

“The issue of Islamic State detainees and handing over them to their countries is one of the remarkable problems we have faced following the defeat of the Islamic State,” he said.

The vast majority of detainees in the administration, also known as Rojava, are either Iraqi or Syrian nationals.

“The governments of the foreign countries have refused to welcome back their citizens. That is why we have asked for the formation of an international court based in Rojava to investigate the detainees with consideration of documents, evidence, and witnesses so that the militants can be tried according to international standards,” he added.

“Despite US invitation to the European countries to take back [detainees], the European countries are reluctant and reject them, which has pushed the Americans to debate the issue with the officials in Rojava,” Omar added.

In contrast, Iraqi officials have shown their readiness to prosecute up to 20,000 ISIS militants, but it they have asked for $10 trillion to facilitate the trials.

(NRT Digital Media)