Iraqi military sends 50 military vehicles to Sinjar district


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SULAIMANI – The Iraqi army dispatched more than 50 vehicles to Sinjar city and its outskirts on Friday (March 22).

NRT Digital Media Nazir Shangali said that more than 50 military vehicles belonging to the Iraqi army’s infantry Brigade 9 have been deployed to the area.

“The Iraqi army wants to send another two infantry brigades to the area,” Shangali added.

The situation in Sinjar has been uneasy since last Sunday, when two Iraqi soldiers and two YBS fighters were killed in an incident near a checkpoint along the Iraqi-Syrian border. Several people were also wounded.

On Tuesday, the two sides met in an effort to lower the temperature of the situation, but the effort ended in failure when two Iraqi soldiers were injured in a clash with the YBS in Madban later that day.

Sinjar was the site of genocidal massacres against the Ezidi community by Islamic State militants in 2014. The YBS was set up with the aid of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in an effort to provide local security following the killings.

Following the Kurdistan independence referendum, the Iraqi Army and the Popular Mobilization Forces took control of Sinjar.

Many displaced Ezidis living in the Kurdistan Region are reluctant to return to the area because of a lack of services or jobs, but many also cite the lack of security as a reason for not returning.

(NRT Digital Media)