PUK, Gorran to establish joint leadership to implement agreement

PUK, Gorran to establish joint leadership to implement agreement
12 months ago

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SULAIMANI — The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the Change Movement (Gorran) have agreed to appoint joint leadership in order to implement their mutual articles of agreement.

Following a meeting with PUK members, Gorran Spokesman Shorish Haji said the activity of the committee established to implement the PUK-Gorran agreement was discussed.

Haji said both parties will work to explain the points and articles of the agreement to the public to demonstrate the benefit of the agreement.

PUK Leadership member Latif Sheikh Omer said, “It is a big achievement for us to improve our relationship with other parties.”

Omer added both parties have decided to establish another committee to discuss the agreement with the Kurdistan Region’s other political parties.

Gorran and the PUK representatives preliminarily approved a bilateral agreement between their parties on May 14, before finalizing the deal in a May 17 ceremony.

Gorran General-Coordinator, Nawshirwan Mustafa, and the PUK’s First Deputy Secretary-General Kosrat Rasul signed the agreement after weeks of meetings between representatives.

The Kurdistan Region is currently facing a political crisis as well after the five major Kurdish political parties failed to reach an agreement on the presidency issue last October, which resulted in Parliament Speaker Yousif Mohammed being blocked from entering Erbil, where the parliament building is located.