HDP members still in detention in Erbil after two months, party envoy says

HDP members still in detention in Erbil after two months, party envoy says
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ERBIL — A number of members of the People’s Democratic Party (HDP) remain in detention in Erbil after they were detained by security forces two months ago, the party’s representative said.

The Co-leader of the HDP Representative in the Kurdistan Region, Abid Eka, said during a press conference on Wednesday (May 17) the party’s members and supporters live under pressure in the region.

“Erbil Asayish [security forces] seizes residence cards of the Kurds [from Turkey living in the region] to expel them from Erbil and Duhok, and send them to Sulaimani,” Eka said.

The HDP representative said the party has not received a response after they informed Masoud Barzani and officials from the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) regarding the detention of the party’s members.

Pressure on the HDP supporters and members continue though the party’s officials had met with Barzani, Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani and Interior Minister Karim Sinjari.

According to the HDP official, the pressure on their members and supporters are due to the stress of the Turkish government on the Kurdistan Region.

An HDP official in the Kurdistan Region, Silan Eminoglu, said last month that six members of the HDP had been in detention since March in Erbil after 30 of the party’s members went to take part in a protest which the Kurdistan Free Society Movement (Tavgari Azadi) arranged in order to condemn the tension in Sinjar in March.

Human Rights Watch said in a report published on March 16 KRG security forces detained 32 protestors in the first week of March during a demonstration against the clashes in Sinjar.